A Tasmanian Winter is a splendid thing.  As the days slowly get shorter and the summer months draw to their inevitable close, it seems that Tasmania’s East Coast exhales gently, in contentment.

Bicheno buzzes in summer, but in winter it hums to a more ethereal beat. Blasts of clean ocean air invigorate the dreamers and the doers, sparking fresh ideas and desires.

There is space and time to meander, to think, and of course to savour East Coast food, wines and whisky.  

Our cooler climate visitors savour the extra time indoors to read, draw, paint, or write.

Just a few reasons we love getting outside in winter…..
• The average day time temperature from June – September is around 14 or 15 degrees, very mild and great for walking
• Tasmania’s East Coast has far fewer rainy days in winter than summer, or for that matter, anywhere else in the state.
• There are far fewer people on the walking tracks
• It’s completely possible to walk any of the beaches and have them entirely to yourself, if you’re brave enough, take a quick skinny dip, we guarantee you will feel more awake than you have all year!
• The sunsets are magical
• Activity bookings are more readily available, and you might catch a winter discount.
• You are in with a chance to spot some whales. They visit briefly, heading north for the cooler months during June and July. Visitors include Southern Right, Humpback, Pilot and very occasionally Minky’s. Also, common and bottlenose dolphins.
• The wildlife is more adventurous with fewer people around, penguins, wallabies and possums venture regularly into yards and public spaces.
• For photographers…. the light. You know what we mean. Winter light is amazing. The rock formations along the coastline are spectacular; and sunrise and sunset shots are much more convenient when the days are shorter!

Winter events:

Winter Arts Festival – Bay of Fires (

2021 GREAT EASTERN WINE WEEK – East Coast Tasmania