Holiday accommodation, Bicheno, Tasmania


Bicheno Accommodation

Hi there. Thank you for looking at our holiday accommodation in Bicheno.

We just wanted to introduce ourselves to give you a sense of what we are about.

Over the years, Dinky and I have spent a lot of time in Bicheno, both working and playing, but it wasn’t until we found Cod Rock Point that we really felt we’d found our place.  We bought the property in 2016 and promptly set to work planning and improving each of the residences, finishing with the Lookout, the heart of Cod Rock Point .

Our aim is to offer unforgettable holiday accommodation, in an enchanting location, which will hopefully be an experience you will treasure for a lifetime.

We love this space, and it’s edge of the ocean resting place, and we hope that you do to.

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We can’t promise penguins in the garden – some weeks the chicks and adults have left the nests and are at sea.

Many make their homes around our gardens – but they probably have more right to be there than we do  – so please be patient with them.  It’s also really important not to scare them, point torches at them or harass them – so by all means watch them waddle around, but it would be much appreciated if you  don’t get in their way.

We have provided you with a re chargeable torch with some of Dinky’s red nail polish on the lens – and that’s fine for looking at the penguins.  You should find it on the kitchen bench.

In fact its probably much better to go on an interpreted Bicheno Penguin Tour for a great experience – bookings  call  63751333, their website is great